Secondary School

Temporary DLP Model

We are resilient! And in the face of adversity, we problem solve and find solutions to ensure our learning moves ever forward!

We are proud to share our DLP Model with you


What is Math Lab?

The Math Lab is a supplementary block to your Math class. It is:

  • Required!

  • A space to practice problem solving with the support of your TEACHER, STUDENT MENTORS and PEERS!

  • An opportunity to engage in Math learning on a DAILY basis.

What about Learning Labs?

Our Learning Labs are flexible spaces to complete asynchronous components by content area. They are:

  • A space to practice work with the support of your TEACHER, STUDENT MENTORS and PEERS!

  • An opportunity to deepen learning in preparation for your next meeting time.

How can my Community time help me?

  • This is required!

  • A time to be accountable for your learning for the day.

  • Check in with your mentor and peers, share how things are going and express needs.

  • Share strategies with peers that are working well for you!

I am an AP Student, what do I do?

As an AP student, you will:

  • Attend your regularly scheduled AP course within the A-H rotation.

  • Also attend the supplementary block assigned in the afternoon. This one is required!

  • Study your schedule carefully to determine natural breaks you can take to balance your workload and health/well-being (meaning - make sure you build in time for lunch!)

Find your Virtual Classroom

  • Enter your Google Classroom and click on the Virtual Link located at the top of the site.

I am a parent and want to support my child’s learning. What resources do you have available?

Being at home on DLP, we recognize and value you as partners in your child’s learning. Here’s what you have at your digital fingertips:

  • Visit our DLP Website. It will showcase:

    • Grade level Learning Letters.

    • Teacher teams by grade level.

    • Units at Glance: feature an overview of unit, performance tasks and rubrics used for assessment.

  • Access Plus Portals to note Formative Tracking, Summatives and Dispositions. This tells the story of your child’s academic and engagement to learning.

  • Be sure you receive Google Classroom Updates and contact your child’s teacher if you aren’t receiving them.

What does Attendance & Engagement look like on DLP?

  • You log into your Zoom sessions on time.

  • Keep your camera on (and let your teacher know if you need to step away at any time).

  • Wear your ANS uniform shirt or ANS club, sport, spirit shirt.

  • Actively participate, engage, ask questions - take ownership of your learning!

If you need Technical Support during our Distance Learning Plan, contact us at the ANS Website, through our Live Chat Button.